New Jailbreak works!! No XBMC :-(

Hey guys,

Congrats on the update of seas0n, worked first time.

Ggood work as usual, just wondering if anybody has managed to get XBMC working yet? if so how??

it doesn’t! and as far as I’m aware it’s nothing to do with Firecore! we need to wait for an updated version of XBMC!


Cool, cheers, i thought so, just wondered if i had done something wrong or missed something.

Might have something to do with the file structure.

File structure? How so? Do you mean that the new iOS has potentially moved locations of where the apps are located? Hope I don’t sound rude, just want to know why it wouldn’t work, which obviously isn’t a fire core issue.


is the new media replacing like to know before i go ahead and jailbreak teethered.what i mean by this is when i ssh all my programs i used to have with xbmc will they show on the new media