New Jailbreak for ATV2, version 5.0

I have an ATV running version 4.4.4. To get the new jailbreak running on it, do I have to update through the ATV first, to the latest version, THEN apply a jailbreak, or can I just download the latest version of seas0npass and let it get on with it?


Also - should I be backing up the 4.4.4 at all - if so, what’s the best way?

Should also state that when opening seasonpass and ‘creating IPSW’ it’s now started to download 'Apple TV2 5.0 9B179b Restore.ipsw - I’m guessing this will update it to 5.0 for me?

hey is the new atv2 a unteathered jailbreak as yet or still teathered?wen do u think the full unteathered release will b availbale?


Well, I’ve not let seasonpass do anything yet as I’m still waiting for a reply from someone who knows what they are talking about…


Just let it download the file and left it now.

PLEASE remember there is no ETA for jailbreaks and will never be.

is your atv jailbreaked on 4.4.4 or not?

Hi read this … u will have your answer.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Nope, standard on 4.4.4 at the moment. I’ve just used iFaith to “Dump my blobs” if that helps.


you will have your answer from here.


It looks like you  link to the link of the copy of the link that is copied of the copy of the link.



You can link that again :slight_smile:

Nice one…      save your shsh blobs in safe place.  

I would use 4.4.4 as jailbroken until new ios is jailbroken properly.

1. Download and run sn0wbreeze 

  1. in snowbreeze choose device, firmware to download, select ‘‘IFAITH MODE’’ and point to shsh files. Let it stich all together

3.get into dfu mode and restore in itunes

4.After jailbreak connect ATV to tv and internet .

  1. Run latest ATVFLASH


I’m now up and running, even on version 5.0! With aTV Flash working just fine, streaming from my media server :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I have made all the steps to make my apple tv2 iOS 5.0 work unthetered, but: after all the processes I can’t see the firecore logo!!!wy?? Anyone had the same problem??

@marinobonetti2: Is your ATV2 configured in English? It seems that the temporary Firecore logo can only be seen if the ATV language is set to english before the jailbreak.


no, my apple tv is in Italian configured…i check it out this night…thanks!!!