New iXpand with Infuse 5?

I’ve had a 256gb loop style iXpand for a few years now and love it. Using it for videos to keep storage off my iDevices. Since the loop isn’t always compatible with various cases I decided to buy the swivel style on sale. Unfortunately I cannot get the new iXpand swivel to show in infuse.

Does it need to be re-formatted? I don’t recall having to do this before but it’s been years.

Firmware update?

Is this a new drive not compatible with an ‘old’ app? I never bothered upgrading since 5 worked great for me.

I’m working with a Mac. I’ve tried reformatting to exFat with all the various partition options. The Master Boot allowed the iXpand app to see the drive but infuse 5 still did not.

Thanks for the help

Support for the iXpand Go was added in Infuse 6.2, so unfortunately these drives won’t work in v5.

You can get a free year of Pro when you upgrade to v6.

Thanks for the information!

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