New issue with consistency low network speeds

Maybe somethings up with your raid setup or a bad drive? Do you have more than one Ethernet port on your NAS?

Only one Ethernet port. The NAS says all is okay but I do feel like when Infuse churns I hear a drive spinning intermittently… can’t tell if it’s normal or not. Any way to look more into this? Synology.

Run some smart scans on your drives.

My speeds have slowed significantly with Infuse with one of the past few updates, too, so don’t worry about your drives. My NAS works fine and is speedy with everything else, except Infuse. Just like yours.

I did end up running the quick smart scans on the drives and all was fine. Have not initiated the longer (20 hours each?) scans.

This is still an issue and makes me avoid using InFuse right now because I don’t know when something will work and when it won’t.

So why would a movie not play (stuck at buffering) in Infuse but I can speed test it just fine? 2 hour movie won’t play but I can speed test the entire thing in 12 minutes. It’s obviously not a cable or hard drive thing.

I don’t run a Synology NAS but does it have a quality of service setting? That is usually set for devices that stream so the NAS will give priority to the device specified in the QoS settings.

Another question, have you checked to see if Synology may have pushed an update in the same time frame? Silent firmware updates have bitten others here in the past.

Last thought, have you tried changing the cache settings in Infuse? Don’t know if that may help or not but it’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried it yet.

If you have similar issues with other apps then the fault lies somewhere outside of the app. As a final Hail Mary you could perform a complete restore on your Apple TV.

So does this happen with all files or just specific 4K ones? Are you having any problems a with HD ones? It could be a problem with the file itself, maybe??

Thanks for all your thoughts. My understanding is that there isn’t a service-based priority setting in Synology. I can set the speed for certain applications, so in theory I could analyze traffic and see if there is an app using bandwidth but when I observe the transient speed of the NAS just sitting there, it doesn’t appear to be using any bandwidth when idle.

The last update was in November, it was a minor one. Totally possible but I know I watched several large movies (60GB+) with no hiccup after that date. It started about 6 weeks ago, maybe.

I have played with the Cache settings in In-fuse, it didn’t seem to make a difference. Presently it’s set to Auto which my understanding is the preferred approach.

VLC has never worked well for me, it always seemed very glitchy. And MrMC I couldn’t get to even recognize my server. So I’m not sure it’s outside the app. But it may be worth re-installing In-Fuse entirely. then restoring the ATV if that doesn’t work…

It happens with several files, not just one. But it seems specific files. Earlier I said only 4K but I have a 40GB 1080P file it wouldn’t play the other day either. I can dig more to see what are the biggest files I CAN play and the smallest files I CANNOT, to prove it’s not a size/bit rate thing.

Can you post the mediainfo results from a couple of the specific files?

These are all UHD BR images, so MediaInfo doesn’t recognize BDMV folders. I tried BDInfo but that doesn’t seem to work either… Played around trying to trick the software by changing the BDMV package to a folder and selecting individual files inside, but that just crashes both softwares. Any suggestion?

Well I figured it out. All the files I am using are Lionsgate releases with obfuscated playlists.

From another forum: “Yes it is Lionsgate, and it plays the wrong playlist 00405.mpls in all BD-J players displaying the usual CPM @11.12.
Only movie only players such as PotPlayer 64 V1.7 & MPC-BE 64 play the correct playlist 00545.mpls
Also it will not play from disc in the Panasonic BD35/75 standalone blu-ray players.”

And another: “Please note that this a Lionsgate playlist obfuscated UHD, and does not play correctly when using the Menu. All BD-J players DVDFab 5, PowerDVD 18, JRiver 26 and VLC 3, all play playlist 00006.mpls for 1 minute before returning the the Menu. Only MPC-BE plays the correct movie playlist 00945.mpls. Substituting playlist 00006.mpls with 00945.mpls will not work here, because the file size cannot me made equal to that of 00006.mpls.”

So this is not a network thing or a NAS thing, but it is in fact an In-Fuse thing. Is this something that can get addressed? Probably not.

OK, I’m back and maybe my previous post isn’t entirely correct. I did previously have stuttering on other movies, too. I’m trying some new files and will report back, but I still consider the playlist obfuscation an open issue for InFuse (and many other media players)

Well, I may have gotten this sorted out. I was originally thrown by several files with obfuscated playlists, which I thought was a network thing. This led me in my troubleshooting to create several copies of the same share using FTP, NFS and SMB. In doing so it made the NAS choke when trying to play high bit-rate files, thereby errantly confirming my original suspicion that it was a network problem. I ended up turning off FTP services on the NAS, and going only with the single copy of the NFS share. All is good in the world now (except for those two files, but that’s a different story).

Thanks all for your help.