New iPhone, Metadata deleted

I got the new iPhone 13 had everything transferred but when I went to the infuse app it said all meta data was deleted and the movies meta data doesn’t automatically show up anymore, it just stays blank which never did this before, I know it has to do with this being a new phone but would definitely make it easy on people to not have to manually put back the there whole libraries meta data, I’m looking at a good 40- 1 hour of work it would be easily 2 hours if I had multiple seasons. Can a dev look into this and make an update it’s been 10 mins and the meta data hasn’t shown up I will add a video and see if new files are also effected

Do you have iCloud sync turned on?

If you go to the library screen in the settings what does the status messages at the top say?

I transferred everything so I literally didn’t have to sync anything just wait for the tranfer to finish and open the app eveything was there, well almost Eve thing except for the meta data but it says last update was at 6:30 which was 4 mins ago

Still is blank unfortunately

can you verify that Metadata Fetching is turned on in settings?

Yes it is on :+1:t4:

Turn off embedded metadata. :wink:

Edit to add: You may have to click on scan for changes or refresh metadata on the library settings screen after you turn off embedded. Not sure but if it doesn’t change automatically after you turn it off give those a try.

Hey thanks once I turned off the meta data it worked …hmmm wonder why it was working on my old phone when it was on ? Well guess it doesn’t matter since it’s working now thanks again

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