New Install - Some Package errors

I’ve Jailbroken, and aTV flash installed the Black - Fine. All working.

Media PLayer wont install.

XMBC installed.

Couch Surfer Pro - Failed Install

Media Player - Failed Install.

Maintenace - Installed

Weather - Failed Install.


Starting to wonder what I actually paid for - apart from a few icons - nothing different.


What we call a PUP.

Waste of time.

Can you try re-running the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC? This should resolve any installation issues you’re running into.


I will re-run this eve, see how I get on.

i thought id’ chime in on this thread. Same problem here. I installed ATV Black on my Apple TV2, so far i really like the XBMC functionality, but most of the top level functionality as mentioned by the original poster is not available. XBMC is great but i feel i am missing out on a lot by not having the media player functionality.

So far i also have a failed install on the Media Player and the Weather

Should i also try to reinstall the ATV Black? please advise

Yep, re-running the installer is probably the best way to go.

FYI - Running the installer can be done as many times as you want (not that you need to run it over and over) but there’s no risk of breaking anything by running it more than once.


COOL. thanks for the quick reply, James. I’ll give that a shot and let you know if i can get that to work. I will report tonight with my findings. 

Update: I re-ran the installer and i now have media center functionality. Works great. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks for following up.

Update the ATV2 to 5.3 and jailbrok with Seas0nPass.

Running the latest version of Firecore (2.3) and the Media Player is not being installed. I have run Firecore 5-6 times and no change.


Any other suggestions?

Do you mean that after installing ATV Flash you have bought up the Maintenance option and selected the option to install inFuse (which is what the Media Player app is now called). It is not installed just by running the ATV Flash setup program.

Thanks - did not realize Media Player had been renamed. All is working as expected

Glad to hear it is solved.

The rename happened recently as a part of bringing the iPad and ATV versions of the FireCore media players onto a common code base.