New Infuse version

Dear sirs

After i updating my apple tv fire core version, it just stopped working. Just say that he cannot reproduce Xvid movies. Two hours ago was working perfectly.

Any body has the same issue?

James said that the fact Xvid was working in the prior version was more by accident than design, and that the current version (4.0.2) does not support it.

He also said that FireCore will try and restore Xvid support in a future release.

“A future release”? Does that mean this isn’t going to be a quick patch in a soon-to-be-available 4.0.3?

Does James read these forums? Speaking for my kids and their library of DivX files, we really need this back now. Nothing in 4.0.2 was worth losing this for. The custom artwork for favourites is great but it’s decoration: the core functionality is playing media and the idea of adding a media player app onto a box that’s already built for playing media is surely to add support for more filetypes. Dropping a filetype that was already working only hurts your users.

Needed divx/xvid back ASAP too !!

I have no idea!
I am not sure what is what it was that made the previous support stop working so no idea what is involved in fixing it. Since it only appeared right at end of the beta cycle I assume it was a side-effect of some fix for another issue. I do not have many divx files, but do have a few so I also want this fixed.

Melvynadam: I feel you!! Got the same problem with our child.

James also wrote that they had a new release within a few days regarding our problem. That was appr. 12 days ago.
I’m slightly surprised that there hasn’t been more of a shit-storm around this issue, that I would pronounce as “System/syntax Error”!!! Anyways, I still have my hopes high on Firecore prioritizing the problem and it would be soothing and mostly appropriate to get some feedback from James about an estimate or/and “what’s going on”!!

We’re tentatively planning to submit 4.0.3 to Apple tomorrow.

A new sticky thread with release notes will be posted once this is done.

Thanks for your patience. :wink:

Thanks for the info, hopefully will resolve our issues. Looking forward to it.
Although frustrated with issues with Divx files in last update, would still class Infuse as the best player around :slight_smile:

4.0.3 was was submitted to Apple today!

More info here.