New Infuse User.....

I have recently downloaded the regular Infuse app on my Apple TV 4K. I have a Synology NAS running in my network and I thought it was great that your app supported playing ISO files. Since I have a large collection of ISO files, I thought to myself that this was a great feature, so I decided to download the app and try it out.
It’s been about a week since I downloaded the app and last night I decided to start working on it to move my ISO files into my NAS and test the Infuse app. As a test, I decided to copy one movie file and it was recognized (metadata, descriptions, etc.). when I hit the Play button, I saw the buffering icon and then, much to my disappointment, I was presented with a screen which asked me to subscribe to your weekly, monthly or lifetime service which differed from the $14.99 app price I saw on the app store.

So, what gives? Am I not able to play my own files using your free app? What does the free app allow me to do and what doesn’t it allow me to do? Your advertisement is a bit misleading because, when I read both descriptions for the free vs. the $14.99 version, it doesn’t have any differences whatsoever in terms of what is supported and what isn’t supported. Moreover, It should be plainly stated what you can’t do with the free app.

Paying to stream my own media is the reason why I refuse to use Plex and why I will never pay them a dime of my money for said feature.

Please provide clarification on this, as it is incredibly frustrating.

Yes, I have read this thread: Paid app vs subscription?

While the thread provides an explanation what comes by way of an upgrade, I really don’t care if I’m running the latest version, as all I want to do is play my own files in my device. It provides no answer as to why I’m being asked to pay for a subscription just to stream a file in my own network from my own NAS. No, my Apple TV isn’t connected to a wireless carrier either.

One possibility is that if any file contains things like Dolby audio or any of the other audio or video formats that requires a paid decoder then the free version won’t play it.