New Infuse User with ISO issue

I’ve been looking for a service that can play back ISOs for some time so that I don’t have to rip my sizable collection to mkvs. I decided to give infuse a try and after ripping my first disc as a trial I’ve run into an issue I can’t figure out. I have the ISO on an SMB share and have been able to find it and update the metadata without issue. Im playing it with an AppleTV4k. However, when I play the ISO, it’s selecting the Spanish version of the film and not the English version. When I look at the iso contents on my Mac, there are a number of tracks the same length but when I try to select a version in the app I can’t seem to find them. Under Titles, there is only one version of the movie showing. It’s Star Wars A New Hope if that helps at all. Any assistance would be appreciated as I’d really like to use infuse for my ISOs but so far it doesn’t seem like it’ll do the trick.

I think I figured this out, at least for the software I’m currently using (DVDFab12). When creating the ISO, I can select which is the primary movie when creating the ISO and it will generate .nfo file which Infuse seems to actually use to play the correct movie.

Thanks for following up! :slight_smile:

Glad you were able to get this sorted out.

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