New Infuse Pro User AppleTV3rdGen Video Formats

Just figuring things out. Seems really good, but couple issues on Casting movies via Airplay. My stuff:
Ipad Pro 2020, iPhone XR, AppleTV 3rd gen, Yamaha RX-A840 Airplay Receiver, Buffalo NAS, Mac Mini 2012 QuadCore-i7

Pretty seamless to locate the NAS and choose movies, so that’s good.

Tried to airplay videos using iPhone and iPad. Seems to be picky about File Types when trying to cast to Airplay via AppleTV3rdGen and the RX-A840 implementation of Airplay. Audio is fine, video doesn’t work unless it’s M4V format. Seems odd. Your claims are that it supports LOTS of formats. Am I doing something wrong? I’d hate to have to reformat all my video files if I don’t have to.

Looking forward to the new OSX program. How do I get the Beta?

Welcome to the forum!

Are you using the free version or did you take a subscription?

Just to verify also, you are using version 6 correct?

I purchased Pro version for $26 in the App store. It’s on my iPhone XR and Lidar iPad Pro. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any airplay issues because the free version has no airplay.

This thread may help shed some light.

it appears that it’s an encoder issue. h265 is not supported, so I have to re-encode all my h265 files to h264

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