New Hulu Mac Client

Anyone tried loading the new Mac Hulu Client on their Apple TV?
It works nicely on my Mac Pro…but would LOVE to see it on Apple TV using my Big Screen HD System.
Why does HULU apparently want to shut out the Apple TV Platform?
I think it’s an excellent possible combination, unless they’re afraid of pissing-off the cable carriers…who would be put out of business by this technology.

I also would love it, check out my main concern here:

Does it run on a Mac Mini?
That might be a very interesting Media Combo hooked into a HD Big Screen.
It’s obvious that the Apple TV remains a very limited platform, even with the excellent software hacks available.
It might be a cool media system from 2005, but technology and consumer needs are passing it by…like an old Apple II.

Without any new upgrades and additional processor/memory capabilities from Apple or 3rd Parties: RIP