New home screen setup feature

How does that new home screen setup feature work (accessed via new icon in top right corner)?

There is an item called ‘Favorites’ that you can highlight and move up and down, but it doesn’t seem to do anything?

You can now rearrange the Items on the Homescreen ??
Simply move up or down your Favorites, Lists or Genres etc ?

Yeah, I thought so. But, how do you do it??

What you mean???
Simply drag the item to the position you want…

In the settings menu for this, I have the following options:
-Reset to default

If I click on ‘Favorites’ it is highlighted and I can move the highlighted ‘Favorites’ text (the actual menu text, I am still in the settings menu) up and down. That is all I can do.

If I long click on a favorites icon on the home screen, I just get the usual options menu. I cannot move it around.

It’s because you have not setup any Lists or Favorite-Links to your Homescreen ?

You have only a single Favorites Row, then you can’t move anything…
Because currently it’s not possible to move the Items in the Favorite-Line itself!
You can currently move only the Rows (Favorites and Lists) up and down…

A little bit more about Favorites and Lists you can find here:

Hmmm, thank you. I thought you could rearrange the order of the favorites icons…

It would be nice with at least some description when they add new features to Infuse. Then you wouldn’t have to guess…

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I think Firecore will implement the rearrange of the Favorites order as well ??

that would be great. New to infuse and came here to see if this was already an option. Fingers corssed they implement it soon.

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I deleted some stuff on the home screen setup and when i want them back and click on set to default, nothing happens ? how can i get all the options back from the beginning ?

You can get the default List back over the Library and then you can add the „recently added“ etc…

Or just wait for the next little Update, there is a possibility to reset all „Default Lists“ with a click on a button ??

thanks for your reply, this is what i need than because when i go through the library i just get folders , but i want the default design with all these rows under each other

any idea when this will be released ?

You don’t need the new release to get what you had before. If you figure out what you want such as top movies or what ever just navigate to that in the library and long press and select either “Add to Favorites” for a single icon for that or select “Add to Lists” for a row across the bottom of the home screen of those items just like you want.

Today’s 6.2.4 update makes it easy to re-add default favorites, right from the home screen rearranging menu.

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