New Google One: Expanded Storage

Just noted that Google Drive is soon to be rolled out as Google One and I was hoping that this will still be supported by Infuse?

Maybe you should look at what is coming soon in 5.9 … Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

I don’t think that answers the posters question. Google is offering a new service called “Google One” that incorporates Google Drive along with other features so there may be challenges for Infuse with the new service.

Google Drive and team drive are addressed in the link you provided but Google One isn’t mentioned. ( yet :slight_smile: )

I can’t see why it won’t be supported but I suppose I just really wanted to check with the Team before I upload any more movies to Google Drive lol. ?

AFAIK, Google One is just a branding change for Google Drive.

Ok, so it sounds all good then James ?
What if there are any code changes though?

The upcoming 5.9 version will feature a revamped Google Drive integration which makes use of the latest APIs provided by Google. The method used in Infuse 5.8.6 and earlier will no longer be supported and will stop working in March 2019.

There may be some branding changes in Infuse down the road if they decided to do away with the Google Drive brand and just use Google One.

If you read the google website they say that google drive will be accessed as it has been and that it’s now just a part of google one. Check out their page talking about drive vs one and it seems to be no changes for drive access.

If they do change anything then that’s a bridge to cross when they do.
Its hard to get the crystal ball to do tech. :wink:

Ok thanks