New firmware coming? Any idea?

I just jailbroken my atv2 last dec
Everything works fine
But my concern is the firmware
As I know that new firmware for iPhone 5.1 is coming soon
According to iclarified, it might be release march 9
Does anyone know if atv2 will have firmware update too?
If so most likely new firmware won’t be able to jailbreak right?
I know my current atv2 will still be ok as long as I don’t update
Also nitotv has the no update software installed
Once the new firmware update is out
We won’t be able to use 4.4.4 season pass as apple stop signing the fw, right?
Will need to wait for new jailbreak right?


Ps: I also saved the shsh with tinyumbrella and ifaith
But anyone know who to use it?
I know how to use with iPhone and iPad but never tried with atv2