New filter "recently added and unwatched"

I often use the filter “recently added”. The problem is, that the movies, that I already watched are still in the filter (I mean they a recently added). It would be cool, if I got a filter,
where only recently added movies, that are also unwatched, are shown.


6.1 is going to add a watchlist. I think that might better suit you than recently added. I am currently using a combination of recently added and unwatched, but will definitely move to that once it is available.

Hi guys,

on my homescreen of Infuse I got the list “Recently added movies” / “Recently added TV shows”.
Unfortunateley when I watched a new movie (or TV show) it still shows up in the list. I mean, it is correct, because the movie is still “recently added”, no matter if I watched it or not.
So a new list, where recently added movies will get removed when I watched them would solve this “problem”.

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