New files & folders not appearing

What could explain adding new content to a Synology NAS and, on an AppleTV, and that content never appearing in any listing? Infuse Pro, latest TestFlight version.

I don’t know if you mean " whatever you do ", but I have this issue very often on my ATV 4K + Syno, and the only " fix " I found is to kill the app ( double tap on TV icon of the remote ) and re-open it. Otherwise the Refresh button doesn’t work 6/10 times.

In my case, forcing an app restart does NOT solve the issue. The new content continues to remain missing.

Is it by any chance showing up in the “Others” section of the library?

Are you connecting via UPnP or DLNA by chance? If so, there will usually be a delay before newly added files are made available to apps like Infuse.

You can check the connection type by viewing the share details in Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit (look for the Protocol field).