New files don't sync until restart

Whenever I add a new file to one of my shares it does not show up within Firecore inFuse on my Apple TV.

Manually syncing still does not show. I need to restart my Apple TV before I can get them to appear.

After you add a new file to your share, if you go to Infuse Settings > Library then click on Scan For Changes and then watch the messages on the lower left of the Library settings screen what messages do you see? It should go through several and end up with one starting with “Last Updated…”

When first pressed I got “indexing failed on MacMini”

Upon pressing again it ran through and eventually got to”Last updat: Today current time” and the new files showed up.

So I suppose I can now do that instead of restarting the Apple TV. Just need to figure out why it’s failing initially and not automatically syncing the files when they’re added like it used to.

I’ve seen this when the mac is asleep and Infuse tries to do a scan. You can set the hard drives to not sleep when display sleeps or the mac is inactive in the Mac settings under power saving and also make sure you have wake for network access selected.

Another thing that will help is to enter the Mac’s mac address in the Infuse share advanced settings.

Just checked and, as I thought, I already have the MacMini set to never sleep, the hard drives are already set to not sleep and the wake for network access is also checked. Would it make a difference that the files are being added to an external drive attached to the MacMini? I will put the MAC address in the inFuse share advanced settings and see if it makes a difference.

That’s where I would encounter the problem was with a couple of WD EasyStore drives attached to my iMac that acted as a server. Those external drives seem to have their own spin down settings independent of the Mac’s settings and it wouldn’t surprise me if other manufacturers did also. I finally just went with a Synology NAS and have not had an issue since.

You may want to create a share on the internal mini drive and see if that exhibits the same problem.