New Features for the next version of ATV Flash

Hello All,

I was hoping that we could start a thread to get some new ideas going for the next version of ATV flash.

BTW, i just finished putting an appletv in my truck. It is awesome! I took out the power supply and made a straight DC-DC power supply (easy to do and about $35), then did the Nitov TV composite hack, and Bam… It is so cool having all my music, photos, and movies right there, on a 1TB hard drive, (Which the western digitals MyBooks run @ 12v, so just cut off the power supply, put a fuse, and your good to go . So far i have been able to run my stereo with the atv on for 5 hours straight without it killing the battery, and the atv doesnt even heat up…

Nito Tv has awesome features, but if the Maintenance tab had a few more things i wouldnt need the apple tv

If it had the TV composite install package, with a link that added the composite keytext to the rc.local file
Also the restart, and shutdown features of Nito would be cool…
Anything else anyone could think of?