New External Hard Drive Recommendations

Hi, I have a 1.5tb Western Digital Hard drive hooked up with all movies, and occasionally am getting very slight hesitations in the video, audio is fine, I believe it is a good hard drive for backup but to play video I will need something with 7200 and 64 meg cache. What do you guys like. I want to buy raw hard drive and then put into an enclosure as almost all brands WD, SEagate, etc have software for backups installed and I want to avoid that. Next question, I will have to take the external off and plug into my computer, do I have to shut Apple TV down all the time to do that. Thanks, Dan

There are a number of recommended drives here:

The drive can be removed while the AppleTV is running, though it should first be unmounted. You can easily unmount the drive through the nitoTV --> Files menu. Just highlight the drive and press the left arrow (<<) button. The drive will disappear from the list, and can then be safely unmounted.