New Discourse forum coming soon!

We’re in the process of transitioning the forum over to Discourse, which is pretty amazing and should allow for much more flexibility.

None of the existing posts or users have been imported yet, but if you want to play with things you get check it out at

Feel free to post and press any buttons you want…everything will be wiped before going live.

Note: Single sign on (SSO) is working, so clicking log in will redirect you to the main firecore site to log in (no new accounts to create).

This will also replace the current PM system.

My bad… “You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 23 hours before trying again.” :expressionless:

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Will everything be migrated or some data will be left behind?

Upped it to a high level for now…probably not an issue under normal usage though.

Hoping to bring everything over.

The main site will still be used as-is…just the forum and PMs are moving.

Looks very nice, l like it ?

Vote for a subdomain!

About the migration of data–I was wondering specifically if votes on suggestions will cary over?

Yes, the things we are expecting to have moved over are

  • Posts
  • Replies
  • Users
  • View counts
  • Post likes
  • Reply likes
  • Attachments (not 100% certain)
  • User avatars (will be pulled from the main site individually when someone logs into the new forum for the first time)
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New Discourse forum is now live!

Let us know if you see any issues.

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@james Well done. I the gamification (badges) and love that you guys added the “back arrow.”

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