New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

It’s only $10 for a annual pro license. Not a huge outlay in my opinion…

I actually have been wanting to join for a week. But I have to wait out my current monthly subscription to expire. I even tried to make a new account but also then I won’t be able to get a receipt because of the 1 month trial you get.

I hate subscriptions, so I tend to just focus on the lifetime alternatives, but in this case a year would be a great option to evaluate and provide feedback.

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I am the same, but since the devs here actually list out planned stuff, its already way better than the guys at Plex. I was on the monthly plan to try things out, hopped onto the lifetime to try out the beta features.

Hopefully with the lifetimes Infuse doesn’t end up in the same boat as Plex. The second set of redundancies this year due to having barely any income cos everyone has lifetime PlexPass or doesn’t use PlexPass features.

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I dont they can moan about it because there is a free alternative with Jellyfin, sure no where close to as polished as plex and plex is on most smart devices …but if they alienate the core supporters which are the lifetime members, people will just jump ship.

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There is actually a way to get watchlist info from Plex. It just requires a token which i do believe that Infuse must gather to do everything they do.

Implementation has been done by the Overseerr project here:

If infuse devs see this, please be careful not to hit this one too hard or often as I believe Overseerr team needed to adjust the polling frequency, not sure if it was in response to plex or api errors/etc:

I do mirror the request to please consider custom collections having the ability to be added to the home screen. A lot of us have been using Plex Meta Manager to curate some great collections and it would be a shame to see them not available on the infuse home screen!

If we are on the topic of wishlist, it would be amazing if we could grab the collections list that is set by the server admin to be displayed on the homepage and mirror that for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin direct connections, likely only if there are one of them enabled as I don’t know how you’d handle collisions with multiple servers.

The home hubs can also easily be accessed via the apis as well. For plex its as simple as the hubs/promoted endpoint.


this is truly awesome for large libraries, will make me switch from android tv to apple tv! :partying_face:

When are we expecting this to land and can I be a tester :)?
EDIT: just realised this is already being tested in beta. By joining the beta would I get access to the apple tv beta too?


Yes tvOS is included.

You have to have lifetime or a yearly subscription.
Monthly doesn’t cut it.
Then go here

If you’re on monthly you will have to wait until renewal and upgrade to yearly/lifetime I believe.
If you are on yearly or lifetime be quick. Invites almost always only go out on Fridays

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Thanks, already done that so will just wait to receive the invite. As someone with a big library, infuse direct mode will be a godsend and look forward to testing the hell out of it.
Thanks for the reply!

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  1. How do you typically choose the video you want to watch on the server today?
  2. Which search and content filtering features are most important for your convenience?
  3. Do you often use the Latest / Recently Added lists on the home screen?

1 & 2: My friends and I rely very much on Plex’s Watchlist and various collection features to quickly get to and discover what we want to watch. As zZebrahz ponited out, there is a way to get Watchlist info from Plex. For collections, there are two areas that I hope Infuse can be more akin to Plex natively:

a) to be able to pin collections, especially smart ones as hubs in the home screen (Hubba Bubba — Introducing Custom Collections and Hubs | Plex );

and b) inline suggestions (Movies/Shows in collections with the same name in another library. It’s beginning to look a lot like Collections | Plex ). This in particular is essential to our browsing experience, and I have even set up a custom hierarchical guide system using that feature. (This is largely why we still use Plex’s own client instead of solely Infuse, even though I know it might be a lot to ask. But of course, if Infuse has its own proper nested collection, then all the better.)

In terms of Search behaviours, I’ve found that with Infuse’s current implementation it’s unable to search original titles in Plex. That’s of course relatively simple to workaround. I just use a script to copy original title to sort title field. Also in Infuse a search string must match entire words only, but in Plex they can be fuzzy and broken in the middle. (I don’t know if I express this well.) To me that’s more important an issue than original title, because there’s no easy fix for that. I’d have to put all possible spellings and combination of words in the sort title field if I want Search to work reliably.

3: Recently Added view is useful when the whole library is small and items are added one at a time. But with my current library size and batch addition, it’s not really helpful. That is, I don’t want myself and my users to see hundreds of new items in most of which they won’t be interested, but to highlight a few among those newly added/released.

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Is there an ETA for when we can expect this direct mode feature on the App store version?

That reply is from last week. Perhaps not the most up-to-date info?

Direct access to the Plex backend, etc. implies that infuse will bypass the Plex cataloger to use its own ?

well last week isn’t that long ago if you’re implementing a new feature is it?

here you can see the feature:

And it’s current status is “in progress”. If everything goes well and beta testing is fine maybe September/October sometime

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James please release the first preview version, I can’t wait to try the new version of infuse!

I don’t think I said the feature should be launched because it’s been a week since the last update.

Usually, developers have a weekly sprint cycle and work with a deadline so I was just wondering if there’s been an update on the ETA for the feature. That’s all.