New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

I really need this feature, considering that I have over 20K TV series in my EMBY library at the moment. Indexing the cache takes a lot of time each time, and it cannot be updated in the background. Additionally, EMBY’s collection list is more intuitive and convenient.

  1. I usually watch the content added on the homepage and directly search if needed, so aggregated search is very useful, but indexing a large capacity database can cause serious lagging.
  2. The tag function and resolution search function will improve convenience of use.
  3. I often use the latest additions on the homepage because accessing the library takes a long time, while viewing the homepage directly is very convenient. However, the playback list on the homepage cannot display the resolution of the entire series, which is regrettable.

Hi @james

It would mostly be a combination of the “On Deck” widget on the Infuse App homepage (which seems to more or less reflect the “Next Up” section that I have on the JellyFin homepage).

And using the “Continue Watching” widget in Infuse which ties in with the equivalent section in JellyFin.

Use these often. On one AppleTV I have the recently added movies on the homescreen and the other box has the recently added TV Shows.

It would also be handy to have a widget which gives the “recently added” equivalent of other libraries. For example in JellyFin I have a “Documentaries” library, Infuse doesn’t make the distinction between “Movies” and this library, so they all get imported into the “Movies” library and the equivalent recently added widget.

The global search on the homescreen is handy.

I will also often filter the TV Show or Movies library to only show unwatched items by getting to that in the round-about way of navigating the “Library” first.

Can I ask?
Does this mean we individually have to request access when this arrives or will it be a toggle or something that’s available to all?

That just means it will be a toggle to enable, if you so desire.

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This is great news!
I’m using Infuse with a Plex server.

Usually I’ll browse the Recently Added sections of the Home Screen (Recently Added Movies, Recently Added TV Shows, or the one with both together). It also happens very often for me to go into the Movies or the TV Shows section listing all the content in alphabetical order to browse and find something I’d like to watch.

I don’t personally use search very often. But when I was using the Plex clients I did use to filter by genre once in a while, sometimes by year too. I think the resolution and HDR filters are also convenient and I did use them occasionally.

Very often.

Thanks so much for such a great product!

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I have infuse on a ATV 4k connected to my Jellyfin server. All my media is run through TMM to generate the poster/fanart/nfo files. I also run a Plex server that friends and family connect to, but haven’t tried connecting infuse to that though.

I have a collection of about 1300 movies and 15 or so TV Shows/Series on a Synology NAS.

Everything is connected ethernet. I have gigabit internet and no WiFi is enabled in my home.

I haven’t noticed any speed issues refreshing, browsing or playing anything.

Since it’s my server and I add movies/shows, I know what I have. So I use the Recently added Movies / TV Shows on the home screen.

I only search by Title. Very rarely by genre. Never anything else.

That’s the main thing I use since it’s my system and I know what I have and usually want to watch the latest stuff I’ve added.

I’m probably different than most and really don’t get hung up on fancy bells and whistles. I’m not running a movie studio, I just want to have a list of what I have, select it and watch it. Just give me a list so I can play it and move on with my life :slight_smile:

I use Emby as my main server on UNRAID. I do have a plex server it doesn’t see a lot of use. Infuse on all our macs for the win.

I don’t use these yet, but I’ll throw in my answers based on my use of Infuse.

For TV series it’s the ‘Watching’ list. For movies (or selecting a new series) it’s usually based on flipping through my library, browsing based on genre, or a custom playlist.

Pure search I don’t really use. Filtering based on genre is helpful. Unrelated, but would love a ‘smart playlist’ of sorts where it can dynamically pull things like holiday movies and such based on metadata keywords.

Not really. I have it on my Infuse main page, but mostly just for quick access for newly ripped stuff- but I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.

Generally, the biggest thing I’d like to see is near instant syncing of library and metadata. Metadata clearing and bouncing between devices can be a pain waiting for everything to sync. Anything else is a bonus.

I’m using Plex with Infuse. Have been for years, and really looking forward to this.

I use the recently added and continue watching feature for most of my content watching.

I don’t really search very often.

  1. I usually search for videos in Emby first and then manually locate the same video in Infuse. However, I still encounter the issue of being unable to switch between multiple versions of a video and access special episodes, which is very frustrating for me.
  2. The issue of multiple versions of the video needs to be resolved, allowing clear identification of 1080P, 4K, HDR, and Dolby, making it convenient for users to switch and watch.
  3. Yes, I often select videos to watch on the main screen, but the biggest issue is that it’s not real-time.

Many people use Infuse for playback and the default apps for browsing the media server library because Infuse doesn’t mirror the organizational structure of the library and it can’t edit many things.

If Infuse can fully implement the APIs and make it feature complete to a point where it can replace the default apps, then it’s going to help with user retention, especially when the default apps like Swiftfin from Jellyfin starts to support direct playback without transcoding.


I Can’t Agree With You More!

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Infuse is an awesome video player, at the same time, infuse is among the worst media manager around. Let PMS, Jellyfish and others take this task and keep the local media manager feature only for small libraries with a list of known issues


In my opinion Infuse must remain a media player. Personally, I only share the folders with the material I’m currently watching on my NAS, so some TV series and the folder with unwatched films.
I’ve never had cache clearing problems, maybe because I’ve never exceeded 1000 files to index.

Also in my opinion it is not a problem of infuse if some users unfortunately have the defect that the cache is deleted, in most cases it is due to an abnormal number of files to be indexed.
Only in those cases do I understand using a server manager to manage the videos, like plex or emby or jellyfin.

A suggestion that I want to give, however, is the possibility of adding a folder to those browsable by infused but without this being indexed.

This may have more to do, we think, with the AppleTV believing it needs to free up space and doing so by deleting apps’ volatile cached files (which tvOS considers unimportant) — and unfortunately this includes the unprotected memory space where Infuse’s metadata database must live — no matter the size of that database.

This is possible today. Just remove the check mark from any shared folder on the Settings :gear:/ Library page that you don’t want indexed.

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It’s an interesting and probably necessary direction for Infuse to take. Allowing Plex to be the library manager would make Infuse a truly client/server player. BUT, will it present it in the Infuse library style or the Plex way. IMO, it should be the Plex way as Infuse becomes clumsy to navigate with large libraries.

I have a few questions:

  • Will Infuse now display and make available things like Extras as they are stored in the Plex server,
  • Will Infuse honour any meta data edited in Plex or will it look up again.
  • What will Infuse do with things like Music libraries in Plex which it currently doesn’t support.

I would really like Infuse to become a thin client front end for Plex as its media playback is superior. Good luck.


I would love this so much.

I have so many extras on my Plex server that came from my physical media collection. It’s such a bummer I can’t access them at all on my Apple TV as I recently decided to exclusively use Infuse. (I removed the Plex client from my Apple TV, I became extremely tired of this bug-ridden, deeply frustrating piece of software).

This would be absolutely game changer!

Yes I would opt in. Infuse looks pretty and handles playback far better.

But the features of plex are missing.

Such as tv show collections. The order of collections when pinned, lack of updating playlists etc. the caching issue is huge too. People want to log in to infuse and click play right away. Not have to wait 5 min for it to load.

Do we have a timeline on this for beta testing?

I have been using infuse to watch Emby, it brings me the ultimate picture and sound experience, thank you very much!
When a large Emby is in use, it takes too long to scan the library, and it needs to be scanned every time you log in. The newly imported movies cannot be displayed in infuse immediately. I hope this problem can be solved. Don’t scan the library, and add the emby address and After account, you can directly watch directly, then infuse will be more powerful! Thanks!

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My impression so far is that is where Firecore intends to go; since that’s what a lot of users are clamoring for. If Infuse fully integrates with Plex (et al.) then it should presumably be able to do everything the stand-alone AppleOS Plex clients can do with regard to metadata; might it therefore only make its presence known by its custom media player?

I don’t know if third-party Plex clients are feature-limited in any way compared to the official client, or if third-party clients can still put custom skins on top of the metadata it pulls from a Plex Server, but if one of the goals is to limit resources stored on the AppleTV (because of tvOS’s enthusiasm for deleting Infuse’s metadata cache) they might want to just leave the majority of the UI to Plex, maybe?