New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

7.7 with our new Direct Mode feature is now available! :rocket:

We’re also continuing work on additional Direct Mode features for upcoming releases.


I wholeheartedly agree!

  • @NC_Bullseye has it correct — I’ve taken to using “Vanilla” (in its vein of ‘plain vanilla; ordinary; having no special features’) as shorthand to describe the experience of using Infuse in its native and unadulterated configuration. Apologies for the confusion.

Does anything special need to be done? I keep a certain Plex library on random sort, but the same library is alphabetical in Infuse on Mac. This is after setting the share to direct mode in Infuse by unchecking the Library option.

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James… Killer job… absolutely awesome.

Can’t wait for dv profile 8 support.

Quick question… you have mentioned/alluded to a Home Screen refresh. When can us beta testers expect that? Month? 6 months? Next year?

Looks like this is part of version 8, parts of which could come mid this year.


Just tried out direct mode for the first time. It seems odd to have it automatically enabled at the moment considering all the normal sorting abilities aren’t included yet. Clicking on an actor and getting “no folder” makes it feel like there was an error. I’m going to switch back to library mode (being limited to alphabetical organization only is pretty limiting).

I just gave this a go today to make better use of the Plex server I have (never use Plex for myself but just for others to use my Library remotely). The main reason I do not use Plex is I prefer the layout of Infuse and activating the Direct Mode essentially just makes Infuse like Plex; my biggest gripe is the loss of ‘Unwatched TV Shows’, probably my favourite and most used list in Infuse and Plex’s ‘Recently Added TV Shows’ is just not what I want.

Is there anyway I can maintain Infuse’s ‘Unwatched TV Shows’ list whilst taking advantage of the new Direct Mode features (skip intro is the main thing I want from Direct Mode)?

I’ve been having the same problem. I think this will get better soon. As soon as Infuse supports “Collections” (not the same thing as “Playlists”) you can create just about whatever you want with smart filters (including “unplayed” and a dozen or so other attributes) in Plex and then consume it Infuse. With that, and hopefully the ability to set a collection itself as a scrollable section on the home screen, we will truly have the best of both worlds.

I do think this is a power user feature and not for everyone, so I’d be okay with a little more configuration if it ultimately solves my use case the way I’d like.

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Don’t know about your first question so maybe someone else can step in, but for the second part skip intro has been a part of infuse for a while now. This update added skip credits on top of it. That feature isn’t tied to direct mode so you should be able to switch back to Library mode to keep the ‘Unwatched TV Shows’ list until someone else has a better option…

I always use Infuse direct from my NAS (before testing out the Plex Direct Mode) and have never seen ‘Skip Intro’ once, my wife even asked me recently do you think Infuse will ever get this feature; which is why I gave Plex Direct Mode a go (besides TMDB mods getting really picky and deleting entries I am adding to their database due to it being missing, and would rather not use their database… That is a different problem…). I have also never seen ‘Skip Credits’, only the jump to ‘Next Episode’ button that pops up towards the end of the video; it is also advertised as a new feature now added as a part of Plex Direct Mode:

Ah, that makes sense. I thought you had tried using Plex (since it’s required for the feature) before but just through the Library mode (the way Plex has always worked prior to this release). You can see here when skip intro was first added. Add Support for Plex Skip Intro - #49 by james

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As one person used the term in that link, I have tried very hard to be a ‘Infuse Purist’ lol; just wish we could get some of these Plex features on Infuse without the use need of Plex…

Skip Intro analyze need to be enable and from on the video.

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I’m trying to decide if I need Direct Mode. My library isn’t huge, but it’s not tiny, so I see some benefits here. The main draw card for me is to be able to skip the intro credits on TV shows. Sadly I think this means it’s Plex with a Plex Pass or Emby as I can’t see an official Jellyfin plugin (which is a shame, because it’s free and i’m kinda done with all these subscriptions).

I guess I’ve got 3 questions:

  1. Can Direct Mode utility Emby Premium’s credit skipping, or is it only Plex + Pass?
  2. Is Emby intro skipping on the Infuse roadmap (if it’s not there already)?
  3. Have I just completely missed a Jellyfin based solution to this that will work with Infuse? (my preferred option for cost reduction)

I should also say, I use Infuse on tvOS

  1. Currently only Plex.

2 &3 . Pretty sure I saw its planned for Emby & Jellyfin.

infuse is still not updating plex when media is played offline, when i reconnect to plex, plex overrides infuse and thats in both direct mode and library mode. i stated this multiple times during beta and never got a response. right now i see no reason to switch to infuse which is a pitty since i prefer infuse

If you are using the 1.40 version of Plex Server, then that is expected due to new changes in Plex itself: View History Change in 1.40.0.x server version - #33 by speedyflipper - Plex Features - Plex Forum

AFAIK, there is no way to fix that in the Infuse side as of now, if that is indeed your issue.

well that sucks, im not even surprised its because of something plex did they keep doing silly things

Yep, day after day Plex decisions becomes more idiotic.