New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

The most currently realistic release dates (or current status when dates are not available) are in the upcoming features thread.

Still hasn’t happened, I am kinda jailed when I install the infuse app on TestFlight as I can’t restore the purchase so I can’t try out the beta version at all

That will probably be one for @james to help with then.

Are you using separate accounts? I notice the lack of “Beta Tester” in your posts?

It appears the problem is you’re not in the beta tester program. It was recently cleared out for a few reasons and you’ll have to reapply to the Infuse beta program.

I did this the other day, I will wait for the response :slight_smile:

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This worked for me - back on the beta with no issues so I suggest everyone with issues, try this.

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Wondering if you’re not after more beta testers ? I applied, probably over a month ago by now, but no email. Is that just the way it is ?

Did you send in a copy of your either annual or lifetime subscription?

Did you check your spam folder?

I submit last week and I received the confirmation like 10 minutes later…

I sent a copy of the subscription (I even bookmarked ‘how to find it’ in my browser).
Nothing in spam.

Monthly, Annual, or Lifetime?

Annual (every March).

I’m fairly sure it said thanks when I submitted, unless the attachment wasn’t attached somehow.

Maybe @james will get a chance to see if it showed up with the attachment or not. Usually as long as everything is there the invites go out the following

Thanks very much.
Would it be easier to apply again, or will it just tell me I applied already ?

I’d say go for it again. Sometimes things get lost in the mail. LOL

Have just resubmitted. It said thanks, like last time. Here’s hoping. On the plus side today is a Thursday not a Saturday.

Thanks very much for all your help :grinning:

Yay. Just got my join the beta email - double smiley face.

…wonder if thats in response to the original request being found or the new one. If I’m lucky I’ll get yes to both and have two years worth ! One can but dream…

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