New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

Thanks I googled and found this and signed up. I was added - waiting for the TestFlight email - good to know they go on Fridays.

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I can’t see the post this was merged into. It keeps giving me an error message, saying it doesn’t exist.

It was deleted. :wink:

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That would be a good reason lol

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I just started using direct mode. I assume “search” isn’t properly added yet? Just making sure it’s not a setting or something on my end, currently it only searches actors

Are you a beta tester?

Hey everyone, I am a beta tester, but I had to uninstall the TestFlight app, as it wouldn’t let me stream or sync, plus it wouldn’t allow me to restore my pro version, I think this is why streaming etc wouldn’t work. What am I doing wrong, as I’d love to actually use the beta app with direct mode (if I can figure out how to use this)

I don’t see you in the beta testers, you may have to reapply, sorry.

Oh damn, I have access to TestFlight and everything, just point me in the right direction and I will go and do that

I sent it off again for you, thanks

I have the same issue.

Just to add, you never need to delete the TestFlight version.
Just go to the App Store and install that version and it will remove the TestFlight build without the need to uninstall TestFlight itself.
Doing this is also the fix if you have to restore pro.

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Yes I am


I meant when you get invited to TestFlight again.

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Has anyone tested InfuseSync vs DirectMode for Emby?

Speed/Collections now available on homescreen for Emby etc.

Does pro mode work if you reinstall the beta again after going back to the usual version?

When can we realistically expect the updates on direct mode and the new TV OS features? They keep getting pushed back.

Yes. Just don’t remove TestFlight itself and don’t remove yourself from testing within TestFlight.
If you go back to the store version the option to restore any TestFlight build will remain.