New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

It is still the first week of September. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is a huge change to the way infuse collects data and Apples event gets right in the middle of it. James will sometimes put rough dates on the upcoming features but that can always shift. As you release updates you often get new bugs to fix before you want to release yet more features.


Thanks I will keep an eye on it tomorrow evening CET:)

First, this is ugly design, looking like a wireframe. There are beautiful ways to convey this information. For example, utilitarian YouTube displays a message at the bottom of the screen.

Second, “latest elements” are not an ephemeral information (vs. showing stock value if an app hasn’t been able to connect for 3 hours during the day is dangerous for ex) so showing them is valuable, whether or not they can played.

Finally, who does that? I checked quickly several ones and they all show something when Internet is down.

This might also be a good opportunity for firecore to fix their code handling “Do we have a connection, are we identified?”. I can’t count the times where I had to manually dive in the app and force it (usually with Save Shares / speed test) to ask me to reconnect to the server.


You can follow the current anticipated release dates for new features here.

Which new screenshots?

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first post of this thread.

Gotcha. Thanks. Would be helpful to quote-reply or include a link to the post you are referring to in such cases, as leaving users to scroll up 250 posts in an attempt to discover what you were talking about is less than ideal.


For me, on one TV, I watch the most recently unwatched recorded items (DVR via Emby). This has been broken in Infuse for 2 years for me but works fine in Emby where it shows in Latest Recorded Shows only unwatched episodes. I watch them, they go away from the list. That’s the entire use on that TV. So, Infuse only useful to me if I can replicate the Emby function.

On the projector, I watch movies and rarely dvr episodes, and rarely live TV via Emby (always sports). So, movies I categorized myself into folders as I don’t like the way any system has ever categorized movies. So, I simply open a folder (say SciFi) and locate a movie.

I was away for a while and haven’t kept up with updates. Has this been implemented or still wip?

You can check the tag of this thread (currently shows “in-progress”) or you can also follow the upcoming features thread

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could you please support emby‘s skip intro ?


You need to vote here


I don’t know how to vote…

I’m a Chinese just can say few simple word

Click the link I provided and then click the :heart: in the very first post in that link.


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I just got into the beta, excited about this feature, am I right in thinking it is the new radio switch when I go and add the files under advanced? The library mode switch?


fantastic stuff, especially hyped about DirectMode

if it picked up every new file I add to jellyfin, I would only use those two sections (they still are the most used lists though).

Are you looking for beta testers on direct mode? Would be happy to test it out with Jellyfin.

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Anyone can apply for the beta assuming they are on a yearly or lifetime subscription. Monthly subscription will not work.