New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

If you were that desperate to try it you would join the beta.

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I did on Monday, just waiting for the Friday Test Flight invites to go out!

Yeah, my reply wasn’t aimed at you.
That said the invites normally go out the same day as the latest beta gets released…Normally a few hours later.

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Any plans to add the “Next Up” section that you can put on the Jellyfin homepage? Similar to the “On Deck” widget you can use in Infuse

It’s very very useful.

i hope this means it will use plex’s metadata instead of its own even when ive download a few eps to my devices and no longer connected directly to my plex server because plex and infuse metadata doesnt match on quite alot of my movies and shows so that would help alot because of done with having to use both infuse and plex app i would prefer to soley use infuse its way better and atleast i can download all my movies and show to it without unknown errors popping up all the time like they do on plex app

With these changes, do you think you can include the transcoding api of plex to use the plex transcoder with infuse

sigh…this thing is taking forever to be released. The turnaround time to get this patched is in limbo. Did they forget that some people are paying a monthly fee for this app??? This issue breaks the purpose of this program if it can’t serve its purpose as a media manager and save metadata properly?? Ridiculous that they are sitting on their fingers instead of trying to get this out asap. 12k views and 187 posts and they are doing nothing to patch this up

what are you even talking about? This is a new feature, not an issue.


Now, back to the on track thread.


I always liked infuse because I know it wouldn’t transcode…

If they add this then I’d like to see a “don’t transcode” option… or some flag so that we know it is.


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Have there been no betas since that post? I still haven’t received my invite :confused:

James actually made an exception to the “Friday Only” rule for beta invites this week due to demand (Something I haven’t really seen before)

Are you absolutely definitely sure that you provided a yearly or lifetime (and not monthly) subscription proof when you applied?

Yeah, I specifically went and bought yearly (was going to wait and see if there was any kind of Black Friday lifetime deal) and sent a screenshot of my iOS subscriptions screen that showed infuse pro. The one thing that might have been an issue is for email I put the email associated with my App Store/Test Flight account and not the one associated with this forum account.

Right… no idea about this as I have the same email for everything.
Perhaps @james or @NC_Bullseye or @munpip214 can clarify it being the cause?

You will want to put in the email that is associated with the Apple ID for TestFlight. I would imagine that forum could be different since you click the email link and join the beta forum. That would happen to whatever account you are signed into at the time.

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I did put the Apple ID/Test Flight email though…

Will Infuse keep a cache in direct mode or will every connection be streaming all the content info in real time as if it is the first time?

I’m asking because I recently set it up on my server/seedbox and it might strain it.

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In the latest beta, it seems to be keeping a cache of everything, yes. The cache size increased as I accessed my libraries, and all the artwork loaded in much faster than the first time I accessed them.

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How do I join the beta testing ?
Can it be installed along the stable version on tvOS ?