New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

You should be able to get a copy of your yearly sub now if you follow the directions on the sign up page.

Beta testers are cleared out ever January and have to reapply to stay in the beta testing program.

When I follow that link, all transactions show as monthly subscription because it hasn’t renewed for the yearly subscription yet. Will a screenshot in my phone showing the yearly subscription suffice? I was just hoping to apply for the beta now.

I’d suggest submitting that with the application. It will most likely still be next Friday before the invite gets sent out.

I’m very, very looking forward to being able to customize the film and TV category section like Emby did, and display it on the home screen, and I hope it will be updated next time :star_struck:

Is there a release date for the update? . We are too late and other applications have appeared

Again, you can always check for any available information on release dates here.

Better to take a little longer and get it right instead of releasing it too soon and causing more problems. :wink:


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I have updated to Infuse beta 7.7 and connected Plex using direct mode. However, the search interface is not displaying correctly (like in the topic picture). I want to figure out if it’s because the search feature is not fully developed or if it’s a problem with my settings.

This :wink:

Mind sharing which apps you’re talking about?

Hello friends -

Quick update here.

I realize the new Direct Mode feature has been taking longer to release than many would have liked, us included. Today we are making a shift in priorities in an effort to have 7.7 available sooner rather than later.

The core of 7.7 will include the following features/improvements.

  1. Direct fetching of items from the media server (no locally cached library or scanning required) - Status: Done :white_check_mark:
  2. Fast updates of things like recently added and in progress items - Status: Partially done/bug fixing
  3. Direct server search - Status: In progress
  4. Major optimizations to loading of large categories/folders directly from the server - Status: In progress

What is being pushed to a post-7.7 update is the new modular home screen that will help us with some aspects of Direct Mode as well as the ability to add many other features down the road. While this will be coming in a future update, it has proven to be exponentially more time consuming than we originally thought and is the main reason for the delays in the release of 7.7.

For those beta testing, we are taking a few days to reorganize things a bit based on this new change of direction and will then be working to push hard to complete the items listed above for 7.7 with this new clearer vision.

Thanks again for your patience and for supporting Infuse! :pray:


Whoa — if this means what I think it does — outstanding.

It’s long been my suspicion that the most likely explanation for Firecore’s apparent difficulty in implementing seemingly simple upgrades, that one might think could be solved by copy-pasting already coded features to new areas of the UI (two examples I’ll cite include the oft-delayed adding of the Season selector for Up Next List items and allowing users to manually reorder items in the favorites bar as they can reorder items in a playlist), was exactly such a lack of a modular approach to coding individual elements of the UI. It felt as if Infuse’s code must have grown rather unwieldy over time; with each page evolving bespoke with its own resources and variables as new features were added; if the fixing of such seemingly simple discrepancies couldn’t be quickly addressed and knocked off the to-do list with an afternoon’s work at worst.

So is the major UI rewrite I’ve been hoping for? Will its completion enable you to quickly start crossing off items on the extensive backlog of of UI improvement requests, as I suspect?

It sounds possible.

I look forward to the bright future of Infuse.


Hi James,
I don’t see the “media detail screen” in 1-4. Is this postponed? (asking as I still don’t see other epz/seasons when their is a new epz added.)

And I presume that search encompasses selecting an actor/… in media detail screen.

thank you.

Thanks @james !

I’m just curious about these features from your original post, are they still on the roadmap for a later release?

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Probably a bug. Best to discuss in the beta area.

These are planned for a post-7.7 release.

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Quick update!

We have made some great progress since the priority shift in December, and are tentatively planning to have 7.7 with Direct Mode available on the App Store in mid-February. This will include the core set of Direct Mode features, which will then be expanded upon in a series of updates to follow. :slight_smile:


I’d like to understand this approach better, please.

So, this feature lets us:

  1. Use a library from another app
  2. Use metadata from another app


I’m guessing that Infuse can organize the content based on what the other app provides.

How does Infuse get the content for playback? Is it direct or does the content get processed by the other app?

Emby, for example, does not support all the formats that Infuse does. I don’t want Emby doing processing (i.e. re-encoding) and handing that off to Infuse.

When connecting to a media server like Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex Infuse will always display metadata from the server instead of fetching its own from TMDB. The difference with Direct Mode is Infuse will not need to scan through every file on the server and store this info a local library on the device. Everything is fetched on an as-needed basis, on-the-fly.

Not only can this help with a quicker set up process so you can start watching your favorite content sooner, it can also help provide faster update when content is added or removed - especially for those with larger media collections.

With that said, each has their own strengths and limitations, so which mode to choose will depend on the person.

Direct Mode

  • Ideal for larger libraries
  • Faster updates from server
  • Smaller storage footprint on device
  • Limited offline browsing

Library Mode

  • Ideal for small or medium libraries
  • Combines multiple sources into a single library
  • Utilize Infuse library categories and filters
  • More robust offline browsing

This only relates to library features and browsing for something to watch prior to playback. Once playback begins, the two modes function in the exact same way.