New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

I did put the Apple ID/Test Flight email though…

Will Infuse keep a cache in direct mode or will every connection be streaming all the content info in real time as if it is the first time?

I’m asking because I recently set it up on my server/seedbox and it might strain it.

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In the latest beta, it seems to be keeping a cache of everything, yes. The cache size increased as I accessed my libraries, and all the artwork loaded in much faster than the first time I accessed them.

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How do I join the beta testing ?
Can it be installed along the stable version on tvOS ?

Infuse Beta Testing Signup
And no you can’t install both the stable and beta versions at the same time.

Looks like this feature has been pushed back to next month.

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Why not integrate into the original plex list and have a separate set of lists for each server in direct connect mode.

If one chooses to add the desired lists into the plex original list instead of displaying a new list.

Just a feature request, if we’re using direct mode, can we have access to the Plex libraries themselves separately?

To give this some context, my Plex server has 6 libraries configured. Films and TV shows as everyone expects. Then I also have 2 libraries for films and tv shows recorded by my tv tuner using Plex. Right now those are just merged into Films and TV which is better than not seeing them at all, but not ideal.

Then I’ve got a library called Sport, which is just a library of formula 1 races. These actually appear in tv shows but again not ideal.

Lastly there’s music. I know that infuse is a video player, but it would be nice to have a music mode… :slight_smile:


Yes, your words are correct: I sometimes have theater videos or songs. . Or TV shows or sports matches::

Libraries should be made

@james Will this direct mode fix the issue of Infuse playing BDMV files when Emby or Jellyfin is the backend? (Hope so cause its REALLY frustrating!) Thanks!

@james I had signed up for beta, but now it’s not available in TestFlight and I’m Pro user. How can I get it to work?
I want to test Direct Mode.

TestFlight is full. You will have to wait a week or two for it to have more slots

Hmm okay just thought it couldn’t be full. Will I be notified next week. Link doesn’t work.
Also thought once I was already in beta it would just work.

No, you’ll have to wait till after the release of 7.6 and then start checking a few days after to give firecore some time to do some house cleaning. :wink:

Okay thanks. Will direct mode be in 7.6 and any estimation on when it will arrive.

7.6 is just for new cloud option. Direct mode will be 7.7 and still a few weeks out

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Like @munpip214 said, the direct part will be a bit but you can always check the status for upcoming in process new features here.

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  • by reverse order of importance : continue watching (TV) & Recently Added (Movie/TV), Plex watchlist, search, playlists.
  • Movie or Show Name, Release Sorting, Group by Release Year
  • At all times.

I am confused by the latest screenshots: Why the “Connection failed” block when Infuse could cache the last x added elements? Direct mode doesn’t have to rhyme with “zero cache”.
Those placeholders are really ugly :wink:

Why would you want to see content that you’re unable to play? If the connection has failed, you can’t play your media. Personally I’d prefer to see an error message straight away if the server connection isn’t working, I like this design.