New channels on jailbroken Apple TV 2

Hi everyone,

Since some new channels (vevo, Disney, smithioian) were released yesterday as an update for the Apple TV 2 I was wondering if there is a way to get them on my current untethered jailbroken Apple TV 2 (ver. 5.2) without the software update in order to retain my untethered jailbreak.

I believe that with the jailbreak the “update be gone” script was installed to prevent further updates.


I hear you. All of the other channels, Hulu, iTunes Festival, WSJ and such all just appeared.

I was on 5.0.1 and thought an update to 5.2 would solve everything. Alas, it didn’t.

I’m using my US iTunes Store ID, I’ve confirmed Hulu works fine… But nothing.

Is an update to 5.3 necessary? I presume it is, and there’s no way I’ll be able to boot tethered.

In an ideal world, the apple would approach firecore and allow infuse to be installed as channel on an unjailbroken atv. Then we could all stay up to date, have all the latest channels without any of that jailbreaking messiness.

One can wish!

Im on 5.2 and havent received new channels yet, im quite sure because of not be running latest build.

Anyone having issues with recently added channels?

Im about to try editing the .plist file, maybe there’s a way to spoof software version.

Any ideas?

I also cannot see new channels plus cover art is no longer appearing for new additions yet the other metadata does?? Anyone?


Clean all metadata & refresh, should work

Thanks for info re metadata. However, I inadvertantly installed new Apple latest and can get the new channels but can no longer Jailbreak again. Anyone?


how do you clean metadata?


Have a look around: 






Also from infuse settings …


I am not sure what i am looking for in those folders that you mention…

Could you please elaborate?


Can we please keep this thread focused on the topic?

If you’re having other issues, such as with metadata, you can always create a new thread.


Are you serious?

He suggested that i check my metadata to solve my original question and you think that this is off topic?

are you actually reading things or just commenting? try to be part of the solution next time…

No, antieco suggested william clean his metadata and refresh to fix his cover art problem. I was reading just fine.

You cleaning your metadata will sure fix any cover art issues, but has nothing to do with and could not possibly impact seeing the new channels.

Editing PLIST files, maybe. Metadata, no.


I edited


modified 5.2 value to 5.2.1

but it still wont show new channels…  any clue of another file to edit?


HBO GO, Watch ESPN, SkyNews, Crunchyroll and Qello require Apple TV software version 5.3 to view.

Yes as I said, I accidently upgraded to 5.3. I do have the new channels but can no longer Jailbreak  the ATV. Is a new Seasonpass reuired for this?

No, they require 5.2.1


Take your aurgument up with Apple as that’s where I got the info. Newsroom - Apple


The newest will do it.

That’s what happens when I trust incorrect into.

Also figures this’d be the case when there’s no untethered jailbreak for the ATV when I actually want the features.

I understand why, but it still bugs me when the hardware is there. All it would take is nothing more than the Infuse app and I would happily eschew my jail break. I don’t need xbmc, I just want to play MKV files on the same device that also allows me to stream things from my iPad/iPhone. If I didn’t have multiple apple devices, I’d have just gone with the Boxee box.

But alas, airplay streaming and mirroring are pretty much awesome, and mirroring is encrypted to the point that it has yet to be duplicated, and it’s doubtful that will ever happen, so my ATV is here to stay, unfortunately

Though, I could probably sell my ATV2 and make enough to buy a Boxee and an ATV3…