New build of Handbrake on new laptop creating all files as Stereo.MP4

Hi - please forgive the clumsy terms i’m not techy

Been using Handbrake for many years without issue to save video files in Mp4 / H264 storing them on a 6 year old WD My Book Live NAS and streaming via the built in Twinky server to a Samsung TV and a Sony TV.

This week had cause to replace ancient laptop with a new one and installed a new version of handbrake. Immediately noticed that whilst files looked fine with correct names when both TV’s were reading them they were coming out as “Stereo,MP4”.

The issue seems to be with Handbrake as files created via other video software seem fine. Also Handbrake creating MKV files seems fine. Tried altering and resetting metadata - no effect keep getting “stereo.mp4” as the file name on the TVs

I’ve tried going in and deleting the audio track in handbrake and that works - it creates a file on the NAS with the correct details been seen by the TVs - but obviously no sound

Any ideas?

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I’d suggest you get away from the DLNA server and connect via SMB in Infuse. You’ll get a lot more features in the Infuse library and may solve your problems with the naming the DLNA server is causing.

Your not alone. A quick goog search

Yes, I saw this post but it quickly lost me, I know this makes me sound thick but I don’t know what you mean by connecting via SMB in Infuse?

It doesn’t mean I have to keep the laptop on 24/7 does it? Will both TVs be able to see the files - they’re both Smart TVs but the Samsung seems to have many more apps than the limited number on the Sony

You should be able to connect to your WD My Book Live NAS via SMB protocol.

Are you even using Infuse?

No, I ended up here when trying to find a solution to the problem.

I am looking to change my NAS soon and when I do I will be looking for a better NAS / home server experience .

Someone on handbrake has offered a solution that seems to work. Create the file as an MKV and Remux it to MP4 (I used a program called OBS). I’ve just done this and it seems to work fine.

Many thanks for your help. I will look at Infuse - will it work with a Synology NAS - I’ve heard good things about their NAS systems and not many good thngs about WD these days.

Glad you found a solution.

If you do end up with an Apple TV or iOS device you’ll enjoy Infuse.

This is a support forum for Infuse so feel free to ask if you have any questions when you start looking at media apps.

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