New boxee bug fix version released 0.9.4578

playing R-rated content on Hulu - should work in all cases of r-rated content. some of the best, most popular videos fall under this category… (you need to login to hulu for it to work)

clicking Menu = Back on Apple TV - after the last update some user on Apple TV complained that pressing the Menu button takes them to the home screen rather than going back to the previous screen

TV Shows scanning is working again - your TV Shows should start showing up again. we fixed a bug with local tv show database

missing thumbnails on friends activity, recommendations - items from Hulu, Netflix appearing on the friend activity, recommendations should all have thumbs

video calibration settings not being saved - was reported by several users on Apple TV. we fixed it, so you only need to calibrate once

trailers not showing up for many movies - after installing this version you should see the Trailer option for a good portion of your movie library.