New audio issues AFTER seatbelt fix on XBMC

I’m running 5.3 untethered and I’ve installed the seatbelt fix.

Problem is the audio for files I’m XBMC is high pitched (not quite chipmunks but annoying).

Airplaying videos or audio from other apps is unaffected.

Ideas to fix this one?

I can post a video somewhere if people would like to hear.


Hi I had the same problem so I re/jailbroke it and now it’s fine

That is kind of depressing to hear…

Can others confirm as well?  

I just sent off two to my brother that I “fixed” using the new seatbelt fix.  Based on others saying things were working normally, I didn’t even bother to test them…


No responses?

I’ll assume that these issues are NOT real when they are limited to two posters.

For me same!


I have JB with SP 0.9.5 and installed XBMC 12.3 but big (8 Gb and above) HD Videos streamed from my Qnap-Nas are stuttering now.

As i was on 4.4.4 with XBMC 12.2 there were no problems!


also have tried going back to 4.4.4 but xbmc now is 12.3 and i have the problem with stuttering

maybe xbmc 12.3 is the problem…

have tested a few big files - could be that the problem appears only at some specific files - other big ones play fine!

so it could be a codec-problem and not ATV2 or JB


I was on 4.4.4 with 12.3 XBMC last week and upgraded iOS on the AppleTV to 5.3 with the seatbelt fix and NOW the problems start. It’s not 12.3 - it is either an issue in the jailbreak or the seatbelt fix.

I also notice slightly choppy video which is most noticeable during slow and steady camera moves

It’s annoying but not the end of the world. Anyone have a fix?

no the new jailbreak as i’m went back with the old seasonpass jailbreak to 4.4.4 and tested it with xbmc 12.3

so the only thing which lasts to be the reason is then the seatbelt…?



I removed the seatbelt and I think it’s back to normal. Go figure

if yu jailbreak using seasonpaass 0.9.5   everything is working perfect with no problem neither on video not sound . it is corrected using seasonpass .  


not for me! I’ve done this way and when i play some big HD-Videos (above 7 Gb) there is a problem with stuttering, choppy movie-playing!!


where and how did you do this? inside NitoTV?

Correct - through NitoTV