new atv2 keeps crashing during playback

Fresh jailbreak, when I try to play a movie, it plays for a few mins, then kicks me out of xbmc. Why is this?

I had this problem after upgrading to Gotham. I believe Gotham requires more RAM which causes the ATV to crash especially while streaming in HD. I reinstalled Frodo and everything is working normal again. Also, try clearing your cache if you haven’t already.

I am really surprised that if it is indeed a gotham issued that it hasn’t been addressed yet.

It’s not a gotham issue, it’s an atv2 issue. Gotham requires more memory to run than Frodo and since the atv2 only has 256MB it crashes frequently, especially while streaming in HD. With more powerful video streamers, tablets, etc. entering the market XBMC isn’t too concerned about our outdated hardware.

I don’t think that’s the issue. I tried a 720p video in navi x and it played no problem.

I didn’t say the atv won’t stream video in 720p without crashing in Gotham. I’m saying when it does crash it’s more likely to be while streaming 720p vs 480p in Gotham. There’s a big difference in those 2 statements.

Anyway, I’ve fixed several atvs from frequent crashes by simply downgrading from Gotham to Frodo so I know for certain it’s the cause, especially if using the hub wizard. Others here have had this issue too so I’m sure you can confirm this if you do a search.

Folks… the situation could not have been summarized any better.

There is nothing to be done with the outdated architecture of the Apple TV. The XBMC/KODI world is moving forward and there is little regard for the under-powered devices from an earlier era in the development community.

As was stated, many HD links CAN and DO play fine on the Apple TV. It just requires a more selective understanding than the new user can deal with – a situation that just doesn’t exist on devices that have a Quad core and 2GB of RAM Memory vs. ATV’s single core and 256MB.

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