new atv2 4.4.3 PLS HELP!


I just bought a new ATV2 with firmware 4.4.3 and jailbroken with firecore 2.4 by the vendor.

I can connect via cyberduck using root / alpine to the /private/var/root folder but when i use Terminal and enter ssh root@ it wont accept the password alpine…

Also, is there any reason to update the firmware 5.3 from 4.4.3? I mostly use XBMC

ANy help would be REALLY appreciated as I’m trying to set it up for my missus for her birthday present


Thanks people!

Weirdly enough I finally got in via Terminal…


Did you jailbreak it? If someone else did then they may have entered a different password. You have two options:

  1. I read, but haven’t tried this…If you can login as root via SSH, you can use the command ‘passwd’ (without the quotes) to change the password.

  2. Jailbreak to 5.3, that should reset back to password=alpine.

God knows why, but suddeny I could get in via Terminal using alpine…

Could you tell me how to upgrade to 5.3 please?


I found out via another thread…

Here we go !!! 5.3!!