New aTV: worth upgrading for using infuse?


I’m wondering whether it would worth upgrading from the first gen 4K to the new one. I don’t think I have yet found any media (including 50k HDR) that infuse couldn’t play. Wondering what your opinions are …


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The original 4K ATV seems to have plenty of horsepower to play anything you can throw at it. The newer version may offer better networking speed which is usually where the problems arise but I personally see no reason to upgrade to the new 4K ATV if you have an original 4K ATV.

There could possibly be something announced at wwdc but unless you are desperate for a new remote :slight_smile:

Buy the new remote. That’s where the true upgrade is

If you can sell your old one for at least $120 then it ends up the same as the cost of a new remote. That’s what I’m going to do. Anyways if I can only get $100 still worth it. I was able to sell my HD version for $100 last fall so good chance of getting at least that or more from 4K one

Upgrading equipment is only useful for what the equipment supplies. I’m sure infuse will still shine on any upgrades on atv or operating system.
Personally, I’m waiting for people who want to be the first ones with the new atv to give out their views and comments to help me decide on when to upgrade.

Since the unit has an a12 processor I assume infuse will run as good as it does on an iPhone XS

Just remember, the new ATV4K remote no longer contains the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Not used often but not there anymore.

Anyone know if the new APTV4K will allow pass through bitstream audio? I think this is a software thing but wasn’t sure…? That would be worth the upgrade in my mind.

Doubt it. Specs only list Dolby digital +. No mention of TrueHD or DTSHD

Btw, Costco has them $10 off and available to order for May 24th.