New aTV, version help?

Hey guys, just bought two Apple TVs.

my version number in the info page says 4.1

The posts on version numbers are a little confusing, so maybe someone can straighten it out for me?

Is this actually 4.1 ? or 4.1.1 ? 4.2.1 ?? lol

Is 4.1 breakable, unthetehered, on windows?

Thanks guys.


Firmware 4.1 is iOS 4.2.1. it is breakable, but still tethered. 

Can you Please Lead me in the right direction on how to tether and Jailbreak Firmware 4.1 is iOS 4.2.1 

Thank you

So how hard is teteherd to do I just got my apple tv today and it say 4.1.1 so do I have to wait bought the software today did I waste my money?