New aTv Install - XBMC fails to install

Hi All,

finally jailbroke my Apple TV2 with seas0npass. I’m running 5.3 on the Apple TV so did a tethered jailbreak. All good.

Installed aTV Flash 2.3 from my iMac. All good.

Went into Maintenance and installed XBMC, seemed to work as it asked to restart the Apple TV. On re-start there was no XBMC icon in the main menu. Went back into Maintenance and next to XBMC it sent “Update”. Selected that and after a few seconds got kicked out to the main menu.

Tried again and got the following error:

“E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘dpkg --configure -a’ to correct the problem”

Can anyone shed some light and what my next steps should be?

Does anyone have XBMC installed from aTV Flash install running successfully on an AppleTV 2 running 5.3?


Thanks in advance,


Oops. Didn’t search hard enough. Sorry blokes, my bad.

The solution is in this topic.

I re-ran the aTV Flash install and all good now. XBMC up and going.


On a side note though, after installing a few things on XBMC I went to exit back to the main menu and the Apple TV froze on the XBMC main menu.

Going to have to pull the power on it, which means re-hooking up a PC 'cos it’s a tethered boot. Bleargh.

When is someone going to produce a media box with Apple’s ease-of-use and XBMC’s functionality. There’s a fortune to be made for someone.