New aTv for Christmas software 4.0

Ok, sorry if this has been spelled out somewhere earlier - I jut received an Apple TV for Christmas that someone purchased for me around the 1st of Dec.  Since it was so long ago, the software on the unit still says 4.0.  I would assume this is jailbreakable (i know its not a word :)).  Is that correct?

I am trying to run the pwnage tool 4.1.2 as the instructions say, but the software never finds the ipsw file or prompts to browse to one.  I am on a mac BTW.  Has anyone else come across this?

Any tips?  I appreciate the help!



Before you do anything, save your SHSH blobs with Tiny Umbrella.

 I did try and save my shsh blobs.  I ended up trying the JB, and received the message about, this device is not eligible for this build.  After doing some research on that, it seems that 4.0 was not able to be jailbroken?  4.1 is what I needed.

long story short, i just went ahead and updated and I will wait for the new Jailbreak when it comes.  No big deal.

i think is question of a couple of hours, then the new JAilbreak fot ATV is ready.

The final test  for Iphone4 JB is nearly completed, i presume that the ATV JB will be the next step.




I just got my atv on xmas and it came with 4.1.1 and I bought atv flash but didnt ready enough so I hope it dose come out today. I really want to try this out!


Even if you saved your blobs, it's still too late, as Apple has stopped signing them. You have to wait. I'm in the same boat. Sucks.

Well, sorry to the people who purchased it.  I am actually in the beta and trying to get this thing working, so I am not out any money as of now.  I would love to get Flash working and then put plex on it. 

Even without jb and flash, the atv is still pretty cool :)