new atv flash (black) -youtube version fail

Hi, during the Atv flash (black) process I receiced this message:" oops it looks like your ATV is not accessible or your connection was blocked by your firewall"
The process didn’t ended. My atv2 is jailbreaked i have kodi on board. I can see from kodi my shared folder on my pc.
My firmare is 5.3 and my atv2 and pc operation system is windows Xp.
I swiched off any firewall and protection, but no way.
Any suggestion please?

In the end I could have flash my Atv by jailbreaking again with the last seas0npass.
Before that I have tried everything , and the solution was very simple, right behind the corner.
Everything work perfect now , the only thing I have noticed is that the Atv seems more slowly than before…

i did SSH into my atv and did:
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

and all was updated :slight_smile: