New AppleTV - Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and happy Wednesday to everyone else. :-) We've got some exciting progress to share so instead of writing a long-winded intro I'll just get right to the good stuff.

New AppleTV 4.1 Software (iOS 4.2.1)

AirPlay has finally made it to the new AppleTV via AppleTV software version 4.1. For the most part this is exciting news, though it has set us back a bit as there are some adjustments we'll have to make for the new version. It looks like we may also need an updated jailbreak tool - the tools have already been updated for the iPhone, so hopefully this shouldn't be too long in the making. If you have time go thank the guys from the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team for their awesome work. 

Couch Surfer - 80% complete

There's been lots of exciting progress with Couch Surfer over the past week, most notably being fluid playback of HTML5 video. Couch Surfer is still a bit rough around the edges, but as you can see in the video below we're getting close. (Note: the pause in the video is just to showcase the control bar that is available during playback).

Installer - Ready for beta

The installer is done, allowing aTV Flash (black) to be installed onto any jailbroken AppleTV directly from your Mac. Installation takes less than 2 minutes. We plan to have a Windows version available soon. - Ready for beta

This will need a few tweaks for the new 4.1 AppleTV software, but other than that it's ready to go.

Codecs/NAS Streaming - 35% complete

We've successfully been able to play non-iTunes media files (we've tried AVI, MKV and WMV) on the AppleTV. There are still a number of critical issues that need to be addressed, but progress so far has been extremely encouraging.

Comments? - share them below.