New AppleTV App UI

Hi guys! I’m using an AppleTV app A LOT and many things are bothering me in the current UI, so I’ve made a raw draft how I see we can make experience better.

There is no so many changes on Home screen. Just added a native menu at the top + most recent video shows with fullscreen artwork.

On the Movie page I’ve changed buttons location + added “similar movies” section, where items can be based on current movie genres.

On the movie player you can see more changes: completely new slide-down block with movie short info on the left and settings on the right side. Because right now this menu takes too much space and most of the files has less than 5 audio tracks, its better to show them in one line (with horizontal scroll). Same for audio source and other settings.

TV Show page changed similarly to Movie’s, but its not only has a list of similar shows, now you can read small description for each episode and on the screenshots will be displayed same progress bar for not finished items like on Home page.

Biggest changes are on show’s player: big title (same can be used for movies) at the top, “up next” section at the bottom, where you can quickly select episodes of the current show’s season (but here you cant read their descriptions) and buttons at the beginning and ending of every episode to skip the titles (which usually takes 10% of the episode)

Hope you’ll like it and, if the Infuse team wants, I can work on this design to the end, so we’ll get most polished media center on AppleTV ever made :slight_smile:


Not keen. :-1:

I like it how it is now.

I actually like this a lot!