New AppleTV 4K: watched history is gone

I’m guessing I just did it wrong and there’s no fixing it… but all of my files show as being unwatched now. Unless there is some secret place it is stored where it could be restored…

Infuse Pro 7.0.2, newest tvOS, iOS, Catalina

Any hope for me?

Did you have iCloud sync turned on in the other device?

On the old Apple TV? I don’t know. And it has been erased.

You can try deleting the app and then download it again and don’t add shares or anything, just launch the app and go to the settings library screen and watch the messages. With any luck you’ll see something like “Syncing with iCloud”

Let it run, it may take a while to get all of the previous info.

OK, I’m hitting sort of the same problem as the OP, only some of the watched indicators have come across and most haven’t.
I followed @NC_Bullseye advice and set up the new aTV 4K in parallel with the old aTV HD. Both devices are running tvOS 14.6 and Infuse 7.03. iCloud Sync is on.
Everything set up on the new aTV4K as it should and everything looked fine initially. However, only watched indicators for the last year or so have come across. All the other prior watched content is shown as unwatched.
The only difference between the two setups is the original has Trakt enabled and the new system does not. I thought this should not matter as watched status is stored in the cloud.
I literally have both systems running side by side and can tell what was correctly synced just by swapping between the two.

Should I just delete Infuse on the new aTV and start again? Arrrrrrrrghhhhh!

Can you try logging into Trakt on the new device and see if things match up?

Currently, watched statuses from Trakt and iCloud are separate…and having something marked as watched in Trakt won’t automatically save that same status to iCloud. For example, if you watched something in Infuse 5 (before watched statuses were saved to iCloud) it may have gotten saved to Trakt, but not iCloud.

Long-term, we’ll likely be looking at options for merging these.

If you log out of trakt on the old device will it then sync to iCloud? Or are you basically stuck using it for now?

I will log in to Trakt on the new aTV 4K and revert back with an update. Possibly all the stuff that didn’t sync across were viewed on Infuse 4 & 5.

So, turning on Trakt fixed all the missing watched indicators (thank goodness). Strange, as I would have thought that if Infuse shows it as watched, it would also store that in iCloud.
Anyway, problem solved. Many thanks. I can now officially decommission the old aTV.

Don’t forget the 21 remote salute! :wink:

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