New apple tv

Ok so I see that Apple has updated the appletv finally. Ok so it’s black and cheaper so I really don’t see the advantage.

Will aTV Flash support the new appletv (assuming I can find a reason to get a new one)? I like the idea of netflix on it, but I already have that on PS3 and the wii.

I pre ordered the new appleTV today. I don’t have a ps3, wii or a blue ray dvd player with netflix built in, so we are happy to see that Netflix is built into the new appleTV. Not sure if there will be an upgrade for aTV Flash users but hope something is in the works. I have been an avid user of aTV Flash and the excellent features you brought to the table.

My question is… will aTV find a way to open that Micro USB port to external drives? Apple site says the MicroUSB port is for “Service & Support”. I have nearly a TB of ripped DVDs I use with my current aTV Flashed aTV… I sure hope I can have the same functionality with the new one.

Also… will Apple no longer update or support the original aTV?

I’m from Australia so that means that my subscription to Netflix won’t work until its opened up by this software so I can use HotSpotShield and enable Netflix.
Ordered the new Apple TV but looking forward to an update to have those features!
Love your guys software

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