New Apple TV in 2024

There are rumours of a new Apple TV in 2024, but the only Apple A-series chip to have a dedicated AV1 decoder is the A17 Pro (which was released last month in the new iPhone 15 Pro).

Apple has never used the latest A-series chip in a new Apple TV, so the 2024 Apple TV is more likely to have the A16 (which does not have AV1 decoding).

It’s impossible to say for sure, but it’s unlikely the next Apple TV will have an AV1 hardware decoder.

Thank you for the answer, but do you think that AV1 will take the market and that will be problematic with the current release?

Should keep this one and enjoy or wait until may 2024? (I don’t have much money, so I’m always overthinking for the future…)

Thank you!

(Other’s opinions are welcome too, I want the max for take my decision)

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I don’t think they are going to release a new one unless they can add some experience to it. The new one with karaoke mode, for instance.

Netflix and YouTube have started using it this year, but with so many devices out there that don’t have AV1 hardware decoding, my guess is it will be a long time before any platform is exclusively using AV1. I’m no expert though.

Infuse has AV1 support now, although not for HDR videos I believe. Software decoding works almost as well as hardware, and I’m sure Infuse will continue to improve their decoding as the format becomes more popular. Hardware decoding is more important for mobile devices, as it uses a lot less power than software decoding (much less of an issue for a device like an Apple TV that’s plugged into the wall, instead of running off battery).

But the rumours say a new Apple TV could launch in early 2024, and that it’s going to be cheaper. Depends if you can wait 6 months, or if you want the Apple TV now. There’s always going to be a new model on the horizon :smile: