New Apple TV App

Or whatever it’s called, because I’d love to have a word with the genius in marketing choosing those name…

So, simple question: will it support media player apps like Infuse? Or only VOD services (like it is now if I understood correctly)?

From my understanding the TV app only supports sources that Apple has negotiated with. Ie: streaming solutions. It’s not something that any developer can leverage off of through an API.

I have installed iOS 12.3 beta on my iPad, the TV app is there and clicking on my avatar/account it shows 4 connected apps. Too bad that when I click on it, it shows nothing, a white page (I have Netflix and Prime Video, those should be supported). Unless it’s because I have an Italian Apple ID… I’ll have to open a bug report anyway. Hopefully at least I’ll get an answer from Apple.

Netflix was never supported by the APPLE TV APP

What about Amazon Prime Video? Still, there must be a bug, since it says 4 apps are connected, and then it shows nothing. I asked in a developers forum and I have been shown that in US it works. The guy had a full list of apps, with the switch to disable them.

Anyway, the original question was if Infuse will be supported, but I doubt it at this point.

Hmm I am not sure.
But bear in mind that the 12.3 is still a beta.