New Apple TV 4K and infuse 7

Since Apple made their announcement and will be selling their new Apple TV for late May, will this effect or delay the release of Infuse 7 which is due this spring? Is this new chip going to effect apps like infuse?

We’ll start testing with the new ATV4Ks once they become available in late May.

This shouldn’t affect the release plans for Infuse 7.


Hello, Will there be some improvements to run Infuse on the AppleTV 4k 2nd generation (comparing to the 1st) ?
Thank you

Possibly but per the post by james directly above yours the hardware isn’t available until late May and will be tested then. :wink:

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The new Apple TV 4K specs mention HDMI 2.1 (Great) but also support for Dolby Digital in 7.1.
Does this means that we’ll be able to play 7.1 True HD movies in 7.1 at last ?
Will Infuse support it ?
I did not fins any information on MAT .20 in the spec sheets so i’m wondering…

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It’s Dolby digital+ 7.1 which is the same spec as the previous gen. It’s just an a12 processor, a new wifi chip and an HDMI spec bump. Nothing super big to write home about.

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Probably nothing new until tvOS 15

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do we think wifi 6 will be a really good thing? I think its the only upgrade that would be worthwhile here.

The damn remote is so expensive I think I will just sell my existing TV and buy the new one, rather than spending so much just on the new remote

You really only see the benefits of wifi 6 in dense environments with a lot of simultaneous connections happening at once ie: a conference room or a college dorm.

For at home media streaming you won’t really notice the difference over a high end wifi5 Ap.

what about if you live in a flat as I do? Or a tight terrace house in England?

I guess some wifi 6 routers are very fast not because of the wifi 6

We will have to see how many connections the Apple TV can make. Previous one maxes out at 866Mbps theoretical. Even with improvements Ethernet will be better

I deployed a multi ubiquiti wifi6 install at home and a larger meraki wifi 6 install at work. Speed tests resulted in about the same performance which is around 700Mbps on average. Where the performance gains were seen were multiple high traffic clients maintaining higher speeds when connected to the same access point.

The other performance increases I saw were with multiple clients placing voip calls or doing Microsoft teams conferences from the same access point. There were far less audio/video drop outs with calls.

Hopefully the new remote will finally mean D-pad skip behaviour is fixed in Infuse.

Did you consider using plain old Ethernet? I have everything wired and have 0 issues (obviously), and max speed. Even then, 4k remux file can take up to 100 Mbps, so even WiFi N on 2.4 Ghz should be enough. Of course, in real-world of many APs in single building it is worse. Ethernet cable FTW :slight_smile:

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