New Apple TV 4K and ATMOS in local files

Hi !

Apple announced a new Apple TV yesterday.
Is there a chance that it could play local files (in a NAS for exemple) with Dolby ATMOS (Dolby TrueHd and EAC3) ?

It is presented with Dolby ATMOS support but there are not much details…


That would be wonderfull

… and maybe dual layer Dolby Vision (at last)?

I doubt it. Technical details specifically don’t mention Dolby TrueHD or profile 7 so it’s going to be the same as the current with newer features supported by the pump in processor speed.

okay… so no real interest yet to change it for those who like me have already the first ATV4K…
Knowing that in my case I read my Dolby Vision files with my Oppo 203

Exactly. The only reason to upgrade would be if you want thread support for home automation and the high frame rate support for iTunes/YouTube.

If you’re a multi device person like myself there isn’t much to justify the upgrade price tag.

If you’re looking for a media box with more robust Dolby vision support take a look at Zidoos latest offerings.

thanks. I was just wondering if the upgrade was worth it. In my case it’s not :slight_smile:
and for now, my Oppo 203 is just fine for DV support

There could be some new stuff coming with tvOS 15, but we will all have to wait and see.

Thanks for information
Wait and see

My older Apple TV non 4k is a little slow on deinterlacing content with infuse, so, I’ll sell it, replace it with my existing 4k Apple TV, and replace that one with the new one for a little better speed and home automation. We use automation a lot.

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I wonder if it is possible that a new version could be announced at WWDC that does provide TrueHD support since it does not seem to be a hardware limitation.