New Apple TV 2 - Firmware Versions?

I purchased another new Apple TV 2 today, and it dawned on me that I did not verify that ALL Apple TV 2’s have firmware 4.4.4 or under. My concern is that I may have mistakenly purchased an Apple TV 2 with firmware higher than 4.4.4.


Is that possible, or do all new Apple TV 2’s have a firmware earlier than 5.0?



I have heard that it is possible for new Apple TV2’s to have the 5.0 firmware already installed so you would definitely need to check if you want an earlier firmware release to be present.

As per Apple Support Forums:


"Yes all ATV2 were sold with a firmware under 5.0. Before the 5.0 release the last 4.0 firmware was 4.4.4, which can no longer be installed on the ATV2. "

Verified. No Apple TV2 was sold with firmware 5.0. So, buying a new ATV2 sealed in the box today would not have firmware version 5.0, but a firmware version in the 4 range.