New Apple SW: 4.4b5 (9A5302b) how to jailbreak ?


my original ATV2 with SWversion 4.3 (4.2.2) was updated today with the newest Version 4.4.4 (4.4b5 (9A5302b))

I would like to jailbreak with seas0npass but now I am not sure if I could without pain, because this version is not listed in the AppleTV version Info !

So should I wait or could I try to break ?

Also with this version its not possible to backup the shsh blobs.

I tried Tinyumbrella without success.

How could I get the recommended Version 4.4.4( 9A406a) to my AppleTV for a save jailbreak ?


Thanks a lot


The latest version of Seas0nPass supports an untethered jailbreak for 4.4.4.

It does - but not (yet anyway) the new 4.4.4 build that the OP mentions.

Oops, I didn’t realize the OP was referring to a newer version.,1_4.4.4_9A406a_Restore.ipsw